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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Motocross And Good Food

Hello Everyone in blogland! This has been a busy weekend..as usual. I have been trying to get caught up with all of my weeding..never ending and not caught up! I did make a effort though. It has been a beautiful couple of days here, summer days that I love. Great laundry day today..just love to hang my clothes on the line, have done line drying all of my adult life, love the fresh smell and shrinkage is minimal..lol and might I add a little cheaper than running the dryer!

Today my youngest son Cody, went riding, it was a practice day for motocross. Tomorrow is a race, but he will not be racing, whether it is a practice or a race he wants on that bike for seat time! He has been racing since the age of 15 (he is now 20) and is pretty good. The trophy's lining his shelf in his bedroom tell the story. A little nerve racking for Mom here, but he loves the sport and we support him in his journey. There have been a few scary times, but he pulls right out and keeps on going.

We don't travel to many states, if he had it his way we would live on the road, going from track to track, but we can't, so we do the local tracks and a few in the surrounding states that aren't to awful far. It is fun, meeting all of the families in the motorcross world, as here in blogland, it is one big happy family, everyone helping each other and very friendly. I truly enjoy it!

Now for the food, one of my favorite things to do...eat good food! It is festival time here in our area. All of the fire company's and churches have their get together from July till now, tonight was the last festival for the summer :( Last night we went to the biggest festival in the area and ate some of the best ham n' bean soup..ummmmm, real good sausage sandwich's, fries and homemade ice cream. Tonight was the one I look forward to the most....Stone Church Festival. They make the best chicken corn soup, with bar b que sandwich and more ice cream. I love the atmosphere there, it is one of the oldest churches in the area, built in the 1800's.

This is the church (car's park on a slight hill)

They always have the same gospel band there playing the best gospel music! Just a relaxing place to be...so quaint! They just did a big story in our local paper on the history of the church, very interesting. So it is kinda sad knowing that summer is almost over when Stone Church has its festival, no more chicken corn soup...unless I make it, but it just isn't the same.

I want to Thank You for your warm welcomes and sweet comments! I am going to thoroughly enjoy blogging and making new friends, please bear with me until I learn how to add things to my page and the lingo of blogland.

Until the next time,



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