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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday & Goodbye To August

Hi everyone in Blogland and Happy Monday! It is so hard to believe that tomorrow is September 1st, but here it is and my favorite season is on the horizon. I feel it in the air!
Yesterday was my Dad's 81st birthday, he is here with me, but not the Dad that I have known all of my life. He can't get out of bed but he seems to be at terms with it better than I am. I so wish he could get up and move around, come to the dinner table with us, walk to the car and go for rides, just simply get outside. He always was a rough and tumble guy...never took any bones from anyone. A avid Harley man, he raised me on a motorcycle. I rode with my parents up till I was around 5, I then became to big to fit between them. That is how we rode and I loved it, I am so glad to have had that experience in my life.

Dad, Mom & Me

Aren't our outfits a blast??? We all dressed alike!

Does my Dad resemble someone you know? His nickname in my hometown was "Elvis", he truly could have passed for his twin! Such a handsome man, and very, very manly...that is why it is so hard for me to see him decline....

I truly love Dad and I am going to miss him...I will always see his "smiling eyes". The leaves are not only changing outside my window but they will be changing soon in my life! So Happy Birthday Dad!!! I wish you so many more!

I wanted to show you how I displayed the couple of re-do's that I did get completed.

The cutting board on the left is my re-do and the red one was a fantastic yard sale find!! Love them both....

The black box is my other re-do, that is sitting on top of my antique carpenters tool box that I bought years ago to store my perfumes and other girlie girl things in. My black re-do holds more of my girlie girl things too....I know I have a lot of things...lol....I'm not sure that this a permanent home for my re-do...I actually need a slightly larger one, so I am on the hunt for one already done (antique) or another project for me to do.
Well I'm going to close for tonight. I hope all of you have a great September 1st and feel the air....it's coming!!!
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  1. Your re-do's are great Wanda, and I do see the Elvis resemblance- wish him a belated Happy birthday:)! You 3 looked so cute in the matching outfits, wonderful memories I'm sure:)BTW... I'm sure I mentioned this before....I LOVE CASH, LOL, what a sweetie:)

  2. Oh i love those pics of you and your mom and dad on the Harley!! I used to ride with my dad when i was little too, some great memories! I do see alittle Elvis there. Enjoy your time with him!

  3. Hey Wanda! I am sitting ehre crying like a baby! Your post was so sweet and just touched my heart so much. I hope your Dad had a nice birthday in spite of things.

    My Dad has terminal lung cancer and severe heart conditions. Last year he was given less than a year to live, but he has exceeded that. BUt now he is beginning to have lots of pain, losing weight, etc. It is so hard to watch him hurt and wither away!

    We have already lost our Mama, less than two years ago, so this is very hard. I know that you cherish every minute spent with him. May they be a blessing to you both.

  4. Good morning Wanda....first I want to say THANK YOU for becomming a follower of my Blog http://mycolonialhome.blogspot.com/

    What a beautiful family photo....one to cherrish.
    Oh how I wish I could see my parents now - they passed very young...you are so fortunate.

    Hugs, Karen

  5. Hi Wanda... I just found your blog, and I love the pictures of your Dad. My Father is about the same age as your Dad, he'll be 80 this year.
    He too was a tough guy. I know what you mean about seeing your father decline, but we are blessed to still have them.


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