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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

happy halloween picture cat

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! I hope all you received more Treats than Tricks!!


pumpkin berry vine


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Couple Of Makeovers

scarecrow blog temp

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a couple of small makeovers that I have done. I had posted a small firkin lamp that I had bought at the TS and it had a name painted on the front.

firkin lamp 1


firkin lamp after


I sanded and then wiped on Minwax English Chestnut stain, it turned out very nice.

firkin lamp after on table 2 

I also found this candy dispenser at the TS. I had seen this on someone else’s blog (sorry, I can’t remember who’s blog),  I stained with English Chestnut and then painted with a coat of Barn Red, then top coat of Black, sanded and then finished with Briwax. I didn’t take a before picture. I have taken two different pictures with one large Ball jar and the other with a small Ball jar. I also have put a battery votive inside the Ball jar and like the effect, I think it would make a nice holiday display with a few pieces of faux candy around the votive. I didn’t have any at the time of the pictures.

m&m candy dispenser after 2

Large jar

m&m candy dispenser after sm jar 1

Small jar with the battery votive (I must be leaning when taking my pictures..lol)

I also found this little Jack O Lantern on a block of wood at the GW….isn’t he cute?? I bought the feathers at the flea market, six for $1 and put them in a pewter mug.

feathers with jack #2 best

Well that’s all for now. I hope that all of you are well and enjoying beautiful weather where ever you may be.

Until the next time.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Pictures & Trip To Lancaster

pumpkin on milk can 09 crop

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful weather. I guess this is suppose to be our Indian Summer, but I believe it is a little early. I just wanted to share few pictures.  The days have been so pretty I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.

pumpkin on milk can 09

gourd on milk can

These pictures below are what you see when you come up the sidewalk to our deck.

fall window boxes 09 #2

pumpkins in crate

ghost pumpkins 09 

This picture below is the view from my front windows. Everyday I notice the mountains becoming more colorful. I wish I could get a closer picture from my window but my camera only zooms so far.

picture front view

My view from the back window. I call this my personal postcard.

back window view

Monday DH had to go to Amish Country (Lancaster) to pick up a material order for a  job, so I made arrangements for my youngest to stay here with his Grandfather. Off we went, me with camera in hand.

amish farm 09

The Amish have beautiful farms.

amish workin field 09

amish workin field 09 #2

amish old and new 09

Coming home there were many roadside stands, but when I seen this one I had to stop!!

amish pumpkins $1

amish pumpkins $1 wagon

Of course I brought pumpkins home…$1.00 a piece…I was very happy! Local around my house pumpkins are not cheap! We had a beautiful ride, there will be one more trip within the next week or two and I will go along again and see what I can find…I love going to Lancaster :) it is only one hour away but it is like going to another state….everything is so different. Below is one of the pumpkins that I bought.

green pumpkin crock

Last Friday I went to a local prim shop and she was having a 30% off sale on all Fall items :) I bought this pumpkin hooked rug

pumpkin hooked rug

I tried without the flash but it was to dark, with the flash it is to bright but you can see it better with the flash.

candle mat with cast iron candle holder ring side

I bought the candle and candle mat at the prim shop and the candle ring I bought at a small store in Lancaster.

candle mat with cast iron candle holder 1

Top view without the candle ring, the candle holder I bought at the flea market and it is cast iron, I believe it is pretty old. So those are the things that I bought at the prim shop….love a sale!

I want to make note that my header picture is one of Kath’s crows..isn’t he a handsome crow? Thanks Kath, love him!!

That is it for now. I have been working on a few more of my projects. Hope to post them by the weekend, if not then hopefully the beginning of next week.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until the next time!


I want to make a correction on my last post, the before picture is not the same bread box. I apparently did not take a before picture and didn’t notice the difference when posting  (I bought a lot of  bread boxes to re-do :)  I have a lot of before pictures, I try to take the pictures as I buy the item, but sometimes I forget…

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thrift Store Finds and A Couple Re-Do’s

Happy Sunday evening everyone. This will be a short one, I want to post some of my TS finds. I am also still working with Live Writer, trying some of the different things that you can do.

berry vine

I bought this little scarecrow at the TS..only 49 cents! Isn’t he cute, and of course he has a little crow on his shoulder.

scarecrow shelf sitter GW

Another little scarecrow shelf sitter..49 cents. Can you tell I love scarecrows???

berry vine

toaster oven box 1

Now I have to tell you I hit the jackpot when I found this toaster oven box, I did pay $7.97 for it but I felt it was a steal! Below is a picture of it opened.

toaster oven box open

I plan on painting it, not sure what color, but it will be changed, I am also changing the knobs to wooden ones.

berry vine

I had bought the wall cabinet at a craft show and wasn’t in love with the punched tin that they had chosen but I wanted the paint color, so I hopped on the web and searched for punched tin and found one that I loved.

Before, I love stars but not for this cupboard

kitchen wall cabinet old tin

After, I feel this gives more of the prim feel

kitchen wall cabinet new tin #1

The flash makes the tin look rippled but it’s not.(The wooden bowl on top was a GW find that I painted and distressed )

berry vine

I bought this breadbox for 99 cents at the TS

bread box 1

And here it is painted and distressed…I know another black box, but I love the way it turned out :)

bread box black complete

I now use this one for my girlie things on my dresser. The bottom box is a old carpenter tool box that I bought years ago at a yard sale…would love to find another one like it!! The small lamp to the left was a craft show spool light, I found a TS shade and I married them together, now it is a small night light. It gives off such a soft glow…love it :)

spool lamp marriage 1

berry vine

I think that is all I’ll post tonight for the TS finds. I have more that I will post later…..didn’t I say this was going to be a short post??? lol 

It is such a cold evening here in Central Pa., we have had our wood stove going for a couple days now. I know some of you have had yours burning for a while. My DH wanted to wait as long as possible to start…the time has come! I love the warmth of wood. It is time for me to go and sit by the fire and relax for a little before I have to get Dad ready for bed.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by to visit and for leaving me sweet comments, it truly means a lot to me.

Until the next time…stay warm!



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kitchen Re-do~DONE!!!!!

I read on a blog recently that the kitchen is the heart of the home...that statement is so true!  Here in my home it is the main room that we all gather in.  Living in a 300 year old house definitely has many challenges. I only have a few electrical outlets to use, the space is very inefficient, barely any counter space and cabinet space is minimum to say the least!! Add to the fact that I love to decorate and display my collections with not having much space equals..Clutter!!!! When my fridge went on the blink and it finally was time to buy a new one, that lead to a total rearrangement of my kitchen. Excitement was a understatement as I started to picture my '''new work space'' , purging was a must, not something that I like to do, but I knew had to be done. You can see in my before pictures that I really needed to remove some things.

Here is the view coming into my kitchen from the back door


Below is the new view and I really like it so much  better! The old fridge had to set in front of the front door because it was to big to be placed where it was suppose to be. (DH did not measure when we purchased the old side by side) I had to down size the new fridge to be able to get the right size for under my cabinets, so it is a adjustment for space, but I am not complaining..I love my new fridge! My other new piece is the step cupboard that I married together. The base was where I had my microwave setting and the top was my aquarium stand which was taking up space in the office and I couldn't figure out where it was going until the thought of setting it on top of my base cabinet was born and Walla!! a new piece and more storage!! I can't believe how the match :)

Another view, before I brought in my cabinet..

After view with my new cabinet..

Before..Kitchen stairway to the upstairs (the slant desk was my Dad's when he was a child in school and my Grandmother gave it to me when I was in elementary school..I cherish that desk)

After..Kitchen stairway.. (This is also Cash's corner)

Walk in fireplace, built in pantry and built in step cupboard, all original to the house.

My kitchen table is a Hutch table I bought 37 years ago and the barrel chairs I bought at a yard sale last year. They came out of a old cafe in WV.

My stove is a 1976 model that I bought off of Craig's List, came out of a old farm house up north, like brand new, only one burner had been used and the ovens were never used..good buy, I thought!

And this is the only counter/work space that I have, so you see my kitchen is not very efficient but I love it! Someday we plan to expand the kitchen with a addition, but in the meantime I work with what I have. In the spring I will be painting my kitchen walls and upper cabinets.

This sure was a picture loaded post. I have been working on my kitchen for a month now and I still have some tweaking to do, but for the most it is done. Now on to the next room, I'll have some TS finds to show you on my next post.

Until the next time