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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday & Goodbye To August

Hi everyone in Blogland and Happy Monday! It is so hard to believe that tomorrow is September 1st, but here it is and my favorite season is on the horizon. I feel it in the air!
Yesterday was my Dad's 81st birthday, he is here with me, but not the Dad that I have known all of my life. He can't get out of bed but he seems to be at terms with it better than I am. I so wish he could get up and move around, come to the dinner table with us, walk to the car and go for rides, just simply get outside. He always was a rough and tumble guy...never took any bones from anyone. A avid Harley man, he raised me on a motorcycle. I rode with my parents up till I was around 5, I then became to big to fit between them. That is how we rode and I loved it, I am so glad to have had that experience in my life.

Dad, Mom & Me

Aren't our outfits a blast??? We all dressed alike!

Does my Dad resemble someone you know? His nickname in my hometown was "Elvis", he truly could have passed for his twin! Such a handsome man, and very, very manly...that is why it is so hard for me to see him decline....

I truly love Dad and I am going to miss him...I will always see his "smiling eyes". The leaves are not only changing outside my window but they will be changing soon in my life! So Happy Birthday Dad!!! I wish you so many more!

I wanted to show you how I displayed the couple of re-do's that I did get completed.

The cutting board on the left is my re-do and the red one was a fantastic yard sale find!! Love them both....

The black box is my other re-do, that is sitting on top of my antique carpenters tool box that I bought years ago to store my perfumes and other girlie girl things in. My black re-do holds more of my girlie girl things too....I know I have a lot of things...lol....I'm not sure that this a permanent home for my re-do...I actually need a slightly larger one, so I am on the hunt for one already done (antique) or another project for me to do.
Well I'm going to close for tonight. I hope all of you have a great September 1st and feel the air....it's coming!!!
Until the next time

Friday, August 21, 2009

Score!! Yard Sale Finds

Hi everyone! TGIF!!! The weekend is here. Yard sales started today and I found some great things. This picture is a grouping of my "scores". I only bought three things that will need to be made over, the rest are ready for me to find a place for them somewhere in my home. I never seem to have enough space for display..

I can use these now with out doing anything them! Love the cutting board! I also found a very nice book about stenciling..something that I want to do in several of my rooms.
I was very happy when I found this one...my home was a Tollgate between the two towns. Love the pricing..especially the price for going to church!Posted by Picasa

Back of sign (info tag about Inn signs)

The wheelbarrow I believe I will prim, I can see it filled with Autumn goodies on my hutch table.

This pineapple is made out of plaster and is very heavy, I think I will paint the top green and prim the bottom. I will leave it hang out side at my backdoor.

Sorry about the picture being sideways...need to learn how to delete pictures when I upload one like this. When I followed blogger help to delete the photo it deletes the whole post. Have to figure out how to delete just the photo.

When I finish my make overs I will post at a later time. It will take me awhile. I take care of my Father who is bed fast. He will be 81 on the 30th of this month. He lives with me and my family and my living room has become his bedroom. Being that he can not get out of bed without help, I could not leave him in his bedroom upstairs. I am his sole caregiver (my parents have been divorced for over 40 years), so my time is very limited. After getting him cleaned and ready for bed at night, my "relax" time is sitting here at my computer and reading all of your blogs and getting new ideas for decorating. I just love reading about your crafts, re-do's and your lives, is very relaxing. That is one of the reasons that I haven't posted since last week, till I finish reading all of the posts, it is late. I have to tell you I am so glad that I found this "blogland"....it is fun!

I hope that this post finds all of you safe and sound. These storms that have been coming through our area and surrounding areas have been very destructive. I am thankful that we have not had any damage at our home, but friends and relatives have had trees down and loss of power. Some of my friends neighbors have lost the roof of their home and half of their barn had been blown away. Very close call!!

Maybe I will post again this weekend, I would like to try and get one of my re-do's finished. I love the completed result of the projects.

Until the next time!



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take A Chill & Another Makeover

As I was going through my pictures I came across this "Chilly" one, and for one split second it cooled me off.

We have had hot and humid days here lately! As I kept on going I came across this one that put me back where I belong....summer!

I love summer, but I have a hard time dealing with the heat! As I told you in a earlier post I live in a old farmhouse built long ago, so I not only love primitive....I live primitive, we have no central air just window units that we put in every year. Well this year with it being cool we decided not to put them in and now I am regretting it! It is a job to put them in and it is to the point now that summer is almost over :( it is not worth the aggravation! I love every season but winter. I would rather be warm than freezing so I guess I better stop complaining.

I thought I would show you a few more snippets of my primitive nest...I think you will love my "half bath"

Isn't it primitive?? I love it and wouldn't give it up, it actually made it into a publication for our township about outhouse's that are still in existence! Hummmm! I wonder where I put that book??? have to start searching for it.

This is a privacy fence that kinda sorta hides the back of our home, we live along a main route so it is a must, plus it gives me another surface to decorate. :)

Welcome to my deck....

I love to decorate the deck with alot of containers and old items I have collected through out the years. I will add a few other things as time goes. I want to add my second make over. Which is a cutting board. I love the color combo (a sweet blogger gave me her color combo and I love it...thanks!)

This is how I displayed my board. It actually hides a outlet.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour..till the next time, I will post more pictures of my primitive lifestyle and hopefully I will have another make over finished...I sure have a lot to get done!

Until the next time, enjoy God's Smile!!



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Make Over

My First Make Over

Well I have done my first make over and I have to tell you I am hooked! I love the transformation from ho hum to dramatic! I bought this at GW for $3.00 and a $1.00 can of black spray paint and Wala!!! I am happy with the result. I have bought a lot of re do's from yard sales,TS and GW. In my area there are many places to go and buy, and that girls can get me in a lot of trouble! lol Thanks to the girls that responded to my questions and helped me.
Till the next time



Saturday, August 8, 2009

Motocross And Good Food

Hello Everyone in blogland! This has been a busy weekend..as usual. I have been trying to get caught up with all of my weeding..never ending and not caught up! I did make a effort though. It has been a beautiful couple of days here, summer days that I love. Great laundry day today..just love to hang my clothes on the line, have done line drying all of my adult life, love the fresh smell and shrinkage is minimal..lol and might I add a little cheaper than running the dryer!

Today my youngest son Cody, went riding, it was a practice day for motocross. Tomorrow is a race, but he will not be racing, whether it is a practice or a race he wants on that bike for seat time! He has been racing since the age of 15 (he is now 20) and is pretty good. The trophy's lining his shelf in his bedroom tell the story. A little nerve racking for Mom here, but he loves the sport and we support him in his journey. There have been a few scary times, but he pulls right out and keeps on going.

We don't travel to many states, if he had it his way we would live on the road, going from track to track, but we can't, so we do the local tracks and a few in the surrounding states that aren't to awful far. It is fun, meeting all of the families in the motorcross world, as here in blogland, it is one big happy family, everyone helping each other and very friendly. I truly enjoy it!

Now for the food, one of my favorite things to do...eat good food! It is festival time here in our area. All of the fire company's and churches have their get together from July till now, tonight was the last festival for the summer :( Last night we went to the biggest festival in the area and ate some of the best ham n' bean soup..ummmmm, real good sausage sandwich's, fries and homemade ice cream. Tonight was the one I look forward to the most....Stone Church Festival. They make the best chicken corn soup, with bar b que sandwich and more ice cream. I love the atmosphere there, it is one of the oldest churches in the area, built in the 1800's.

This is the church (car's park on a slight hill)

They always have the same gospel band there playing the best gospel music! Just a relaxing place to be...so quaint! They just did a big story in our local paper on the history of the church, very interesting. So it is kinda sad knowing that summer is almost over when Stone Church has its festival, no more chicken corn soup...unless I make it, but it just isn't the same.

I want to Thank You for your warm welcomes and sweet comments! I am going to thoroughly enjoy blogging and making new friends, please bear with me until I learn how to add things to my page and the lingo of blogland.

Until the next time,



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome To My Home

Welcome to my home! This is my second post and I am still learning my way around as far as posting. I am so addicted to reading everyone else's posts that I lose track of time and then it is to late to write. I love all of the blogs that I read and the pictures are beautiful. As I said I am still tweaking my home and probably always will be. As you can see I live in a old farm house, built along the ridge where the breeze blows even when it is still. In searching of the history, I found it was built in the pre-revolutionary era. The large, main part of the house is log and the small part was added on in the 1800's. After moving in here I found out that this house was owned by ancestors from long ago (they didn't build it), but I have history here and did not know till I lived here for a few months. I will say from the time I moved in here (in the 80's) I felt a connection, like I belonged here, and have been in love with this house from day one.

So as I become more familiar and comfortable with adding photos, which I have lot's of :) I will post more. I am excited to become part of this BIG family, making friends and learning from all of you great gal's!

Until the next time,