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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Gourding We Will Go!!


Hi Everyone!! Long time no blog. So much has happened since the beginning of the year. DH and I own rentals and on Jan. 1 a thirteen year tenant came to me and told me she was moving….what a shock! When we went in to clean to our surprise there were so many things that needed to be done that it took us over three months to complete it. The thing is, she never complained and only called me when it was bad enough to call. The small things that needed to be done ended up being big things in the end!! So between everyday living and routines, renovating and spring coming on, that meant flower beds and garden planting, that is where I have been….living a jampacked life, like the rest of you….. time has passed me by and here it is Fall….whewwww! what a busy and fast year!!



I have missed blogging, although I am a newbie and haven’t blogged much, it is fun!! I have to admit I almost forget a lot of it. There are some changes and not being that great at all of this I did play around and kinda messed up my template….I will get it all figured out eventually…lol. Practice makes perfect :)

In the meantime, I have loved reading all of your wonderful blogs and seeing what everyone is doing, getting great ideas and cool crafts, I have been checking in with everyone. All of you have been very busy too!!!



Today I took my Mom and off we went to the Meadowbrook Gourd Farm. Oh my I could have taken one or more of everything….I love gourds!!! Take a look at all of these awesome gourds….


Look there it is….just up ahead!! 





DSCF2216 I love these scarecrow gourds ♥



I loved these guys….so adorable!!


Lots of unfinished gourds to buy…..


Mom and I…what a beautiful day :)


I bought all but one of the unfinished ones….I love the coloring of the natural gourds. I may stain one or two of them just to see how they would turn out for me.






Here’s the finished little guy I bought…..isn’t he adorable in with my bowl fillers from Sarah!!!

I learned a lot today, they show a DVD from the beginning to the end process of how it is all done, very interesting and very talented artist’s that make all of the final touch’s to the gourds.

I had a wonderful day with my Mom today…what fun going to Meadowbrook and the weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous!!!


Thanks for all of my followers that have stuck with me :) I appreciate your following and all of the sweet comments you leave for me…..I love reading all of your blogs, I am grateful that I can visit all of you and grateful you stop by to see me!!


Have a great Fall weekend…

Till the next time,


Friday, April 9, 2010

Snippets Of Corners Of The Nest


star border


I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Here in Pa. it is so summer like, I do wonder though where are the April showers that bring May flowers???? All of the May blooms are here and starting to leave already, none the less I am enjoying the beauty of the blooms after what seems like a long winter. Oh wait….we had a thunder storm this evening. I did take advantage of the winds that were blowing the storm our way today and hung my clothes out…they smelled so good when I took them off the line. The heavy rain came and knocked the petals off of the flowering trees, so I am glad I took the pictures that I did today… I have to warn you this is a picture heavy post.


 Red bud trees are one of my favorite early blooms…love the color, as Dan at  yesterdayoncemore.blogspot.com posted about the color purple. Below are a few pictures I took today on my walk.







I have a few pictures of Spring around the house.












Well I think I’ll close for now. I hope you enjoyed the peek in to the nest. I want to Thank everyone for stopping by to visit and for the sweet comments that you leave, it sure means a lot to me.

Until the next time!



Saturday, April 3, 2010


victorian-rabbit tall

Happy Easter everyone!! I can’t believe that it has been so long since my last post…but things are lightening up some. I have been staying up with all of your wonderful posts. Such beautiful eye candy and great inspiration!! So happy about the news of the new magazine…can’t wait for the first issue!

4bunnies boarder

I hope all of you have a wonderful, blessed day with your families and a table full of God’s bounty!

4bunnies boarder

I want to Thank all of you for stopping by to visit and for you sweet comments. I hope not to be gone for so long, I have new things that I have tweaked and will post pictures soon.

Until the next time!



easter clip chicken

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

valentine doves

Hi Everyone! I wanted to pop in to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! I hope all of you have a day of Love today and everyday :) My DH took me out to a wonderful steak dinner last night to the Longhorn Steakhouse and Oh! Yummmmm!It was so gooooood!!! This morning I took him out for a scrumptious breakfast….another Yummmmm!


heart border

I am now having trouble with my internet server. I am waiting for a technician to come and install a new modem and check for any problems in our wiring. The signal is not reaching the modem. I am so tired of cp problems…one of the reasons that I wasn’t on for a while was that I got a virus on my cp and lost everything. I have since bought a laptop, which I like (I wasn’t sure if I would like it, being used to a desktop), now I can sit in the LR on my comfy chair and surf the web, and read all of my blogging friends post’s. Pause..Comcast is here!

Resume: Well two days of playing around and my modem was the problem…thank goodness that’s all is was and they replaced! Oh the woes of technology!!


heart border


I thought I would show you a couple more of my finds. This little cubby I had bought at a yard sale in the fall and just started using it. The person that made it used nails for the drawer pulls…cleaver and cute! My little bird was a TS find…another 99 cent item.


I bought the crock print from a friend of mine at her yard sale this past summer, and the Black Horse sign I bought recently at a surplus store that opened in our area….they have a lot of things I love there…prim and country.



  heart border

I have one more thing that I want to show you….Mother Nature gave me a cake…


I supplied the cake stand and the reindeer topper, isn’t it beautiful?? (What is sitting under the table is a antique Christmas tree stand that I use for my summer umbrella) As beautiful as it is, I am so ready for Spring, but the forecast for tomorrow night here in Central Pa is for another 5 to 7 inches of snow….ugggggg..please hurry Spring!

Well time to close, if I don’t soon get this posted Valentines Day will be over! I hope all of you had a Happy One!

Until the next time!



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Few Treasures and A Easy Project

heart love

Hi to all of my blog friends! It has been a while since my last post….I hope I remember how to do this.

I hope all of you that are in this snow storm we are having, are all snuggled up in your warm nest! I am so tired of snow and so ready for Spring! As each decade passes in my life I really don’t like snow at all…”snow” translates to “work”, and lots of it. I remember how I loved all of those pretty white flakes falling from heaven and couldn’t wait to get all of my layers of clothing on so I could go play…now I moan and grown and struggle to get all of those layers on so I can go out and work! Oh to be a grown up!!! I must say though that I truly enjoy looking at the beautiful layers on the trees, as you see in the picture that I took from the first storm over the week end.

pine tree snow covered group 

They are so pretty!

Now Cash on the other hand just has a blast “drift diving”, he loves being outside, he lays by the door waiting to get out to play.

cash snow 2010

Cash snow 2009

Even when he is so “tuckered out” he lays by the door for his next chance for the great outdoors!

Cash tuckered out

I love him…he’s my baby!

Cash Heart 1

I have a few finds that I bought at the TS and GW. I love this little chair, I don’t have to do anything to it..I have to find the right spot for it, but isn’t it cute?

heart chair

black wax heart

Love this black wax heart….I think someone cleaned out their Valentine decor, there was a lot of it the day I went treasure hunting….

heart love

This Heart basket was only 99 cents, the Love sign I already had.

clock quail eggs

I really couldn’t believe this clock…another 99 cent find!

Daisy cow painting

I love my “Daisy” the cow painting, she is painted on old barn wood…I think the artist did a fantastic job, she hangs in my kitchen. This was my most expensive….$5.99, to me it was a great find!

Do any of you have the old zinc canning jar lids? Look what you can do with them. I seen these at a Craft Show, they looked pretty easy to do. I had bought a box of these lids at a auction some time ago, thinking that I would use them on my mason jars that are missing lids. I had plenty of lids left (being the collector that I am, I still buy these lids every time I see them), so I will make more to hang on my tree for Christmas this year.

mason jar lid

Take some wire and wrap around the lip and then make a handle to the size you want, twist and cut. I took some batting and grunged it with coffee, tied a small piece of cheesecloth on the handle, that I also grunged in coffee. I had a tea light battery candle and set inside . There, your done…easy project. I didn’t take any pictures during my making of my candle holder….sorry.

Well I’m going to close for now. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. I really appreciate your taking the time, please come back.

Stay warm and free-bundleup clipart cause Baby it’s cold outside!!

Until the next time!