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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Test and Kitchen Re-Do

Good evening everyone! I am testing Live Writer. It is different from Blogger, I think I like all of the different choices that is offered.

This will be a short post this evening. As I told you in a earlier post my refrigerator went on the blink and we bought a new one. That brought on a job that I have been wanting to do for quite a while, re-arrange my kitchen. So "What Ya Workin On Wed,"' has become , Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, ect. ect.!

I will give you a peek at my kitchen before I started this re-do

Kitchen before stove 1

You are looking at my back door, coming into my kitchen,Kitchen before fridge 1

This is the view coming into the kitchen. That large refrigerator has been sitting in front of our front door. Having the door open again has made such a huge difference and I love it!! When I finish with everything I will post more before and then all of the after pictures. I have really de-cluttered and re-arranged and I am loving the outcome. I have been so busy doing this that I have not done much Fall decorating, maybe toward the end of the week.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great week!! 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help! Blogger Issues

Hi Everyone! I am definitely having Blogger problems. I noticed from my last post that the picture did not upload. I have been trying and searching for a couple of days to solve this and I am getting nowhere! I was wondering if most of you use Live Writer? Being new at this I am a little intimidated by some of this. I am not sure if I did something wrong or it is Blogger's issues. I can not upload any pictures, it will not allow me to do anything but text, I can go to the upload box but is freezes and won't allow me to anything. I can't even search through my pictures to find what I want to try and upload.....frustrating!!! Can anyone give me some advice on how or what I should do???

Thanks for any help you can give!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall

Just a short post to wish everyone a Happy Fall! This picture is from one of our rides that we take in the fall. There are several State Parks in our area, and we love to ride our Harley to all of the parks to enjoy the beautiful eye candy, this was taken on one of our rides from the other year. I am so looking forward to riding in the next few weeks to see the shades of Autumn. I will be posting new pictures as I take them. In the meantime I'm sure all of you are enjoying the beginning of Fall in your area.

Until the next time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi Everyone! Boy things sure have been busy around here, plus the extra activities of the holiday and local events. Last week was the annual event of Williams Grove Steam Engine week. I always enjoy going and walking around and looking at all of the steam engines and the activities they preform. It is like walking back in time.

There are horse drawn wagons for nice leisure rides through the park, still love to ride the wagon! lol

Of course there is a old fashion train ride to the end of the track and then backward to the station...all for $3.00!

The Granger's was always a annual event that my Dad never missed, we were always sure to go to see the steam engines and eat, eat and eat! Really good food. I sure would have loved to take Dad with us, I know he would have enjoyed, but I showed him the pictures and that brought a smile.

On Labor Day I went to a annual sale that is held at a auction house in the area. I go every year and never come home empty handed. This year there were so many big pieces that I would have loved to have had, but alas my house is not big enough :( the prices were very reasonable. The reason being that they were painted with different faux finishes. All of the original items brought prices that I still thought were reasonable for antiques.

The flowered chest of drawers only brought $12.00, which I would have given $20.00 for it, not primitive but there was just something about it that caught my eye. The step back and the painted corner cupboard brought over $100.00. I was wishing for the lottery and a BIG house, I would have loved to have many of the pieces. I did buy a cupboard that I am totally doing over as you can see....I don't care much for the faux paint, so I am sanding and repainting.

I have stripped all of the hardware and will change those. The top is wide stained boards that I just love the patina they have, very warm. I am painting the base and doors. I will post when I have completed. I can't wait to finish it.

I also found some treasures at the TS and yard sales. This crock candle holder I found at the TS for $0.25....I couldn't believe it, I brought it home cleaned it up and put the candle and pip berries on and I absolutely love it!!

I also found this firkin lamp for $1.00 at the TS, I will prim it up, I don't have a Michele here at my house and I would rather see it primmed!

Last but not least I found the pear cutting board for $0.25 at a yard sale, brought it home and just distressed a little and gave it a coat of BRI and I love it. (Couldn't get the pictures to load in the right sequence..I am still learning how to do all of this :)



Fall is defiantly in the air here in Pa. and I must get my decorating started....I am way behind, it is maintenance year here at our house and there is still a lot to get done before the snow flies. We just had our house and barn roof painted, we have the standing seam tin roof on the house and barn. Our house is begging for a new coat of paint, which we do that ourselves. It has been about 7 years since we painted and this is the year we are hoping to get completed, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen, but if not, spring will come....and to top it off my refrigerator is toast and we had to buy a new one (I actually have been waiting for this, I have been wanting a french door with the freezer on the bottom :) and now I am getting one. That also means a lot of changing around in my kitchen, so I will have alot tore up till I get it all done. So between taking care of Dad and trying to get all of our things done before winter, my posts will be sporadic.

I will post some decorating when I get some done. I love looking at all of your decorating...really puts me in the spirit of things and makes me want to start.

Well I hope all of you are having a great weekend!

Until the next time!