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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving

Hi everyone! Geez it has been a while since I have posted…time slips by me so fast, I can’t believe it is Thanksgiving already! I’m almost ready, I have to make a run to the store tomorrow for some last minute things that I forgot. For some reason this year I seem so disorganized, it just seems to have come upon me so quickly. I am ready to eat all of the fixin’s though, my mouth is watering for turkey! Yummmm!

I have done a few small re-do’s that I want to share with you. I had bought a small wash stand at a friends public sale last year, it needed a little attention, nothing structural, just cosmetic. I had it stored in the garage (where all of my projects have been sitting…waiting patiently for my attention) so I dug it out and brought it in, cleaned it up and wiped a coat of stain on and it turned out very nice. Below are the before and after:


  wash stand before

Almost done:

wash stand half done


wash stand finished 

I just wiped a coat of English Chestnut  over the entire piece and what a nice transformation. Thanks Kris ~Simply Prim, I read on one of your blogs about the English Chestnut…love the color.  

I finished a tissue box that I bought quite awhile ago. I may change the bottom to more black..what do you think? Should I leave it as is or change it?

I painted it black and red on top, distressed and two coats of Briwax (which I love! Thanks Kath!) love the feel of the wood with the Bri.


tissue box before


tissue box after top

tissue box after side

Do you think it looks like to much red??

I bought this child's hutch at the TS and love it, but I don’t know if I should leave it like it is or paint it, sure needs a good cleaning. The paper needs changed, should I paint the whole thing or re-paper and paint the wood? Looking for suggestions…help!! I wanted to get it finished before Christmas and decorate it but I don’t think I’m going to get it accomplished.

childs hutch 1

childs hutch open

It is small enough that I can sit it on my mantle.

I also am starting this child's banker chair, I have it sanded (it was painted brown when I bought it) and I don’t know if I will just rub a coat of Bri on or paint a top coat to distress and then Bri. I’m still deciding on this one.

childs banker chair before 

I have started my decorating. I have been reading the different blogs of to start before or after Thanksgiving. I have always waited until after T-day, but this year I have started early, I wanted to enjoy my trees for a while….time goes to fast! I put a small tree in the kitchen every year, so I have this one up (still tweaking though) I have a few more ornaments to put on yet. Sorry about the lighting on this picture…not a very good one.

kitchen xmas tree 09

I have my tree with lights set up in my living room, no decorations yet but we are enjoying it with just the lights. I hope to get the decorations on this week end….but the tree is up!!

christmas tree lr 09

I started to play with a few different things for the tree, every year I try to make it a little different. When I finish the decorating I will post pictures. I am very limited on space with having Dad’s bedroom in our living room so I only have half of the room to work with, that meant downsizing!  I won’t have as much put out this year.

Last week was my birthday and we went for a ride..the weather was so nice, here I am in my glory…lol….

wanda road king

I love to ride. I have my license but I did sell my Harley, I wasn’t riding it much, I like to be a passenger so I can take lots of pictures and gawk!!! lol

I’ll leave you with one of my pictures from that day. Gods creations are so beautiful!!!

stream fall 09


I wish all of you a wonderful and hearty Thanksgiving!! Eat lots of good food….Enjoy!!

Until next time…~Prim Blessings!

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  1. Hey Wanda, I didn't know you were a "biker chick"!!!! I don't ride, but I would want to be
    on the back taking pics, too...Like your picture, I love how water reflects like a mirror.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and belated Happy Birthday to you! Oh, love your
    re-dos and that cute little hutch...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Love the biker chick photo of you:) That cabinet is beautiful, I love the color! On the small hutch, I'm not sure if I would have the patience myself to re-paper it, lol, but it would look nice that way, then paint it. Your trees are so cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family, and (((BIG HUGS)))to precious Cash!!!!!

  3. Hi Wanda,
    Everything looks great.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!


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